The Five-Year Engagement


Asking the nerve-wracking four-letter-word “Will you marry me?” is as different from actually walking down the aisle as it is night from day.  Engagement periods vary, from long to very short – to no engagement at all!  But with so many things that could actually go wrong in what will be the biggest day of your life, it is no wonder why many wedding movies focus on just this time frame – and yet became instant hits.  Like American Pie 3: The Wedding, The Hang Over, My Best Friend’s Wedding – to name a few.

This 2012, another wedding comedy will make us laugh and cry at the same time.  The Five-Year Engagement starring Emily Blunt as Violet and Jason Segel as Tom is all about a couple who got engaged whose life’s sudden changes kept them from their wedding plan.

For sure the movie will show what other real-life engaged couples could going through (or can surely relate); such as sudden career changes, getting to know more of the other person, and getting cold feet to just name a few.

This movie was written and directed by Nicholas Stoller and acted and written by Segel.  This is not the first time these two worked together having worked on projects like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the Muppets.

This is a must-see movie from those who will propose or expecting a proposal, the newly-engaged couples, and the wedded couples where you can anticipate possible situations and where you can have a good laugh because some parts seem so oh familiar!

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